Terms of Business – The Online Will Service Ltd

  1. You agree that you are a user and an introducer to The Online Will Service Ltd (TOWS)
  2. TOWS accept responsibility for all documents produced directly from the system. TOWS maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance with a limit of £2million.
  3. You agree never to copy or edit any document produced by the TOWS Will production service nor reproduce any content on the Will production web site. Any editing of a document will cancel the introducer arrangement between the User and TOWS. The user will be deemed to have produced the Will on their own account and will not benefit from any Professional Indemnity insurance in place for TOWS
  4. Each Will and draft thereof produced by the system is the copyright of TOWS and must not be copied. Unauthorised copying of any document will result in civil action being instigated against the user and damages sought.
  5. Each Will will remain the property of TOWS until payment is received in full.
  6. The Intellectual Property of the Online Will Service is owned by TOWS and the User has no right or title to the Intellectual Property of the system or any user branded Will production site.
  7. Completing a Will is defined as clicking the “Complete” button on the Will Summary page of the TOWS web site
  8. You agree by clicking “Complete” that you will pay the appropriate charge for Will production. Such scale of charges will be intimated to you by e-mail or in writing. By completing a Will you confirm that you have received notification of the charges.
  9. Charges may vary from time to time. TOWS will endeavour to give one month’s notice before any change but are not bound to do so.
  10. Payment for Wills produced by the TOWS system will be collected monthly by direct debit on or as soon after the 15th of the month as possible.
  11. Should a request for payment by direct debit fail, a further attempt to collect the due payment will be made.
  12. The user agrees to pay any extra charges incurred by TOWS in the event of a failed payment.
  13. If the second request for payment fails, TOWS reserve the right to contact the customers for whom Wills have been produced but not paid for. Customers will be asked to return the Wills to TOWS as payment has not been made and the Wills remain the property of TOWS. The client will have the option to pay for the Will/s.
  14. It is the introducer’s responsibility to ensure that Wills are signed by the client. TOWS will accept no responsibility for any loss arising to the client because of a failure to have the Will signed within a reasonable time which time will be determined by the Courts.
  15. Once a Will is signed, it must be sent to TOWS for checking. TOWS will check that it has been signed in accordance with the appropriate legal conventions.
  16. Failure to send the Will to TOWS for checking will negate the benefit of TOWS Professional Indemnity.
  17. Any marketing material used in promotion of the Will service must be approved by TOWS. TOWS accept no responsibility for compliance with FCA regulations. Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  18. Ownership of the client remains with the introducer. TOWS will not contact the client for marketing purposes.  
  19. Any dispute in connection with these Terms and Conditions will be decided in accordance with Scottish law and in Scottish Courts.
  20. If you have to make a complaint, you will contact Bill Thomson, Director, The Online Will Service Ltd., Springfield House, Laurel Hill Business Park, Stirling, FK& 9JQ.
  21. Any contravention of the Terms and Conditions or abuse of the Will production site (which shall be determined by The Online Will Service) of the Will Production site will result in immediate termination of any agreement and TOWS reserve the right to pursue the user for any loss or damage incurred by them or third parties as a result of the abuse.