About The Online Will Service

The Online Will Service has been constructed by a team with a combination of estate planning and financial services experience.

They have been at the sharp end and know what the intermediary needs when it comes to providing Wills for their clients.

So they have created the most simple, effective and flexible online Will writing product that you can use with the minimum of training.

With TOWS there are:
NO Franchise Fees
NO Ongoing Commitment
NO Monthly Fees
NO lengthy training sessions - our system is so well designed you will be producing robust, legally sound Wills for your clients within minutes
NO need for additional Professional Indemnity Insurance
What you do get is:
A system created by experts specifically for the Intermediary market
A completely user friendly system
A system designed to help you sell more protection and increase your income
A service that will improve or consolidate your client retention
A system that actually produces leads without the need to ask your client directly for referrals or to buy leads in

Why an Online Will Service specifically for intermediaries?

Something like 76% of the population do not have a Will.

This percentage is probably much higher for the client banks of most intermediaries who tend to be younger and therefore feel they are immortal.

Yet intermediaries are dealing with clients just at the time when they should be organising - not just thinking about organising - a Will.

Because, after all, what is a Will but a part of a client’s protection.

No Will - a missed opportunity

What the TOWS creators have found and proved was that, when you talk to a client about a Will, they relax, they are very open about their assets and life assurance and family arrangements and will tell you what you, as a financial adviser, would like to know. Why are they so open? Well, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, they do not feel they are being sold anything. So they can be relaxed with you.

Secondly, they understand that to arrange their Will properly, they cannot hold back from you, the person arranging their Will, any details of their assets.

Thirdly, and very importantly, they are glad they are now arranging their Will.

Glad? Yes, glad. They know they should have done this ages ago or, if they are younger, they feel they are now entering into independent adult life.

Believe us, no one will leave your office wishing they had never arranged their Will. They will be thanking you for years to come, especially if they actually need to implement it.

What opportunities are there?

We have specifically designed TOWS to instigate discussion on a large number of areas.

  1. Are existing policies in Trust? No? Then offer to arrange this and review at the same time
  2. Have they made financial arrangements for the Guardians to provide for the children – Guardianship Insurance?
  3. Funeral Arrangements - Have they made any arrangements to cover the cost of a funeral?
  4. Executors – Why not arrange to meet them to explain their responsibilities? (2 or more prospects in every Will?)
  5. Inheritances – Will they inherit assets? – potential Investment Advice
  6. Parents – Do their parents need Investment or Estate Planning advice?
  7. Pensions – The chance to look at their pension arrangements
  8. Liabilities – do they need life cover for their liabilities?
  9. Mortgage – could you do better for them on their existing mortgage?

…..and many more.

So why don’t intermediaries arrange Wills for their clients?

What reasons are there for not arranging a Will for a client?

  1. There are NO good reasons for not ensuring a client has a valid Will in place as part of their protection strategy.

This is where TOWS comes in...

TOWS is so easy to incorporate into your sales process.

Producing a Will will take you around 20 minutes. Its seamless flow will make you wonder why no one has designed a system like this for intermediaries before.

And when you see the extra income you generate, you’ll wish it had been around years ago.

So, what are you waiting for? Register now and start using the best online Will writing service for intermediaries.

Join the Wills revolution.

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