How does it work?

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Please give us any details of any network you may work under. Unless there is a formal arrangement with your Network and TOWS, we will not be sending any reports or other communication to your Network. It is only for our records
Fill in the direct debit details
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You will be sent an e-mail confirming you have been set up on the system
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Watch the videos - they are helpful!
Do a Will for yourself to see how easy it is
iPad - The Online Wills Questions

Getting Started

  • Firstly, you tell your client how great an adviser you are and you are going to arrange a Will as part of your service.
  • Sign in.
  • You will see a client list for those clients already on the system

Filling in a Will

  • Either click on an existing client or the button to start a new client
  • Fill in the fact find on-line.
  • The system will lead you through the process

Asset Lists

You will come to an asset list. Have a chat with the client about this:

  1. What insurance policies do they have? (are there any another adviser has arranged)
  2. Are they in Trust?
  3. Suggest you write them into Trust and at the same time you will check that they are still fit for purpose
  4. Do they have any debts that need covered by life assurance?
  5. Have they any dormant or underperforming pensions
  6. Are their parents still alive? Are they likely to inherit anything? Can you help their parents with investment advice?

Completing the Will

  • Once you have completed the Will fact find on TOWS, print out the draft
  • Save the draft to your client file and send it to them for approval
  • Check with the clients that the draft is ok
  • When it is, click "Complete", save the document and send it electronically to TOWS
  • We will give the document a "sense" check and let you know if we think there are any issues
  • We will print out the Will, package it up in an attractive folder and return it to you
  • We recommend you take the Will to the client for signing (you can witness).
    You can post it to them if you wish.
  • At the signing you can discuss the other gaps in your client's planning resulting in a
    better organised client and more business for you
  • RESULT? Happy client and more business.

The Process

Register for the system.

Make a commitment to include writing a Will for your clients as a normal part of your process.


Take 20 minutes within your signing up process to complete the Will fact find.

Complete Will

Produce a summary for client approval. Print the Will and have your client sign it.

You witness it.

Print & Approve

Payment will be taken by direct debit at the beginning of the next month for all the Wills you have produced in the current month.

Job Done